‘There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outter game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outter game’ – Tim Gallwey

The truth is that most of us will tell ourselves, and others, that we’re motivated to achieve our goals but really-don’t have the drive and focus to see them through. The reason is because we sabotage our potential through our own psychological interference( see the Performance equation by Tim Gallway) by limiting beliefs, lack of motivation and negative opinions about ourselves.

Before I go on to the main steps I’d like you to do this one thing that personally took me years to understand and put into action and that is: finding what it is that stops you from achieving your goals. If you are an introvert you may do this on your own. Ask yourself right now, and ask it out loud so you can hear it: What stopped me from achieving (your personal goal) last time? What stopped me from going for that run, dance class , meeting? Write down at least eight reasons why you didn’t do it. Try to write as many as possible to get them all out. You need to work on these factors in order to maximize your potential in achieving your goals. After you have found all the reasons, follow these next steps to SET YOUR GOALS AND SET YOUR MIND.


It needs concentration, time, and space to make a decision. You may find it easier doing this in a public place or by your own in a quiet uninterrupted space.

I lower myself (a little) ,look him straight in the eye and say: I’m going to the room now to work. I’ll finish up in one hour and then we we can play chess. Do not interrupt my work unless it is an emergency. By now, my son knows that I am serious about when I’m in the room. Sometimes I have to do it this way because people would definitely have me locked up if they heard me talking to myself as if in a conversation. sometimes I find that my mind flows better into reflection if I go to a public place and sit down to think. The point is, decision/reflection time is important and in order to make the best choices you must carve out time. If you don’t carve out this thinking time you probably wont ever have time for anything that you wish to do. You may be the type who thinks better by talking about your goals with someone.


If you’ll become happier with your success, so will those you care about. Its like a stepping stone to your true goals in life which may be to be a better parent , person, wife, husband , son or daughter and what have you. If lets say cooking up breakfast for your spouse and family doesn’t really motivate you but you wish it did, that’s OK. You’re definitely not the only one out there. Waking up a little earlier with an unbeatable mindset in getting that flat stomach or even planning how you will manage to go for a chopper ride in Dubai or for a hot bath in Iceland, or ride your bike across the country for charity and to meet new lifelong friends, will do. This way you are going to be up on time to make that killer breakfast that will fulfill you and others.


Your goal could be anything from increasing your running speed to loosing 10kg . You can use the SMART strategy or the what, where, how and when method. A realistic and healthy time frame to loose 10kg would require loosing at a rate of 0.5kg per week, for example. This is considered a long term goal on a personal trainer’s calendar and can be achieved by setting short term goals to include a 20 minute light jog a day .Take time to think about how you can realistically achieve your goals.

When preparing use this simple 5 step strategy so you can prepare 100 percent.


First write down WHEN (in your diary). So say I want to run 1km in 5 minutes by July and I’m currently on 4.25 minutes per km. I will run every Saturday and Wednesday. I jot the times and dates I will go for a run.


Your great choice for good health is relient on another two component that you must also take seriously as it does have an effect on your performance . Those components are nutrition and rest. Consider these carefully when planning your fitness goals. Make sure that they are balanced with the exercise you have chosen. If you train hard for 6 days a week, you need the equivalent energy and rest. You may even need a massage! 😉


By knowing that it may not be a perfect day, or that you may try to convince yourself not to go for that run or swim, and deciding that no matter what, you will not stop yourself from doing the things that really- you want to do. When that time comes, you will go for that run or that swin NO MATTER WHAT. You will soon realise that really you CAN achieve it. This is what setting your mind MEANS.


Have your training gear and whatever you may need packed and ready to go!


I’m not gonna lie. I do this on a daily basis, twice a day. I carve out the reflection time to see what I could have done better and what I actually did well. This is the most important step of all. The time to think and reflect in order to achieve them goals.

There are so many people who will love and support you in what you choose to be great in.

Don’t forget to get excited when you come across a hurdle. Take a nice breath and keep going !

I’d absolutely love to hear from you! I’m always learning. Do you have tips to share with me ,and others,which help you with achieving your goals and staying on track? What are your goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

Thank you,

Simone T

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