How ‘healthy’ am I?

A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ -World health Organisation 1948( The definition remains unchanged)

While reading the book Success , The psychology of achievement, a Practical guide to unlocking your potential in every area of your life by consultant Deborah A. Olson, PhD , I came across a very interesting tool that helps you visualize the many aspects of your life. Its called the wheel of life which serves as a snapshot of how you feel about your life at a particular moment in life. Personally, I found that I better get a move on things that I wish to do and so I’ve took some time to work on these.

This wheel of life reminded me of what Total Health means. This is something we learned while studying in-person fitness training and instructing. So what is total health ?

Total Health(or total fitness) is a holistic concept that influences overall wellbeing and embraces a number of concepts. Its more than just being physically medically healthy, or physically fit.

So here it is!

  • Social Fitness. Having healthy relationships and interactions contributes to total health and fitness .
  • Mental and emotional fitness. The ability to manage stress, a harmony between emotions and the mind and wellness of the mind- a positive mental state.
  • Medical Fitness: Being free from illness, chronic disease and injury.
  • Nutritional Fitness: Eating a healthy diet and having access to it. A balanced nutritional intake for growth , fuel and repair.
  • Physical fitness: Health-related and skill-related components. the wellness of the body systems.

Many of us come to a point in life where we worry about our health.

I know how worrying about our health feels like and it is important to me to help in every way that I can. You can use the wheel (pictured) and replace the subjects with the subjects of total health listed above. Then you can draw the line where 10 means very satisfied and 1 is not satisfied at all. Now you can work on those to balance your circle. By doing this , you are actively reversing your worries by taking your mind of things’ and doing something positive and that will bring you closer to the life you love, the things you love and the people you love !

I’ve filled my calendar with events. lunch with new people who I’ve found on the meet up app and a wellness festival! how exciting! What do you need to work on? Share it with us so we can share ideas on what you can do!

Lots of love,

Simone T


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