About Simone

Hello. I'm Simone

Giving you a 5 star massage experience that will leave you feeling 100 % renewed and satisfied is my priority. I’m here to ensure you get the most out of your massage treatment with me.

I offer unique and effective massage therapy treatments to assist in your self-care routine, in a way that you can appreciate.

I come from the beautiful Island of Cyprus – a tourist’s hot spot. I’m a Greek Cypriot and half Irish girl. Although I’ve not had a DNA test yet.

I now live under the pearly skies of Manchester city in England, With my 13 year old son ,who I adore , and our friendly husky dog Zeus- He already had the name Zeus 🙂

Inspired by the beautiful ancient built surroundings of where I grew up in, and the strength of Olympian athletes and Gods, the Olympians lounge was born four years ago.

Committed to providing a service of quality, gave me the skills that won me a silver medal at the world championships in massage 2018. I performed a Deep Tissue Sports Massage, under the Swedish massage category.

During this extraordinary achievement I was approached by the management of the SU WANYO Spa from Germany , known for their long suit in Thai massage and multi awards, and was offered the opportunity to share my massage techniques with a team of ten therapists, in the city of Lübeck in Germany.

To communicate assurance I’ve become an associate of The Federation Of Holistic Therapists.

Massage organisations from around the world have enriched me with honor and selected me as a massage Critic ( judge) for their events and Championships, all through 2019.

In 2020 I’ll am serving the position of a judge National and International Massage Competitions in Copenhagen, Bosnia, Ukraine and to who ever else invites me to their Massage Competition! I’m excited to teach at the World Massage Federation in Greece 2020 (February-March), Ukraine (April), Italy (October) and being a spokes person in…….

Since then I’ve partnered with specialist professionals, in an array of fields, and started The Global Massage Academy. An online platform with massage and business courses to help therapists reach their full potential.

Seeing a happy customer is what makes me feel successful.

When I started out I had nothing more than determination and built Olympians Lounge from heart.Giving people the massages they deserve brings me great joy and makes me feel like I’m a part of their battle.

I’m here to ensure you get the most out of your massage treatment with me.

Enjoy your time on this website!