Invigorating Anti-Cellulite Massage

Recommended by doctors, a massage targeting cellulite is one of the best ways to reduce it!

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This Massage starts with mobilisations on the back legs by gripping with the hands, targeting  muscle groups, in a comforting way that will relax and prepare your body for the anti-cellulite massage.

Once your muscles are warmed up with a massage using grapefruit oil, one of the most widely used oils for cellulite, reinforced massage techniques will ensure good blood circulation in targeted areas. To enhance circulation we use the method of cupping. The feeling from the suction of the cupping is quite pleasing!

Special Massage techniques are used by hand and with massage tools to break down fats. Cellulite affects mostly women but also men,  and when you have a targeted massage for cellulite, it improves the skin’s appearance. 

This Massage finishes with a vigorous technique I was taught in my early years of learning massage, and an ice massage to tighten and boost the skin’s natural glow. The ice is contained in a cup and rubbed on the skin with light pressure and circular motions. The process is repeated on the required areas.

Best results come with having this treatment regularly. Olympians Lounge supports self love in every way, and this includes looking our best! This treatment is available to anyone looking to improve the look of the affected areas.

Tip to take away

Give a good scrub to the affected areas when bathing and then self Massage with your favourite oil.  This is a fantastic way to reduce cellulite. Many people are able to perform a massage on those areas which makes it an ideal self-care treatment. Balance with some self-care and reduce cellulite at the same time!

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