Chiron Sports Massage

Chiron Sports Massage

This one is for the almighty! A Deep Tissue Sports Massage.

Proven to reduce chronic pains , this massage is ideal if you are an athlete and someone who completes strenuous exercise on a regular basis- familiar with deep and strong massages.

It can be modified to a more relaxing but deep massage if your body is very stiff and full of knots( hard areas) that have built up over time . It depends on your nature-meaning, how your body reacts to a deep strong massage.

The techniques include a variety of types of stretching, according to our goal which may be to balance out the length of muscles or to increase flexibility.

This massage can be used as a strategy to improve the overall function of the body and is a great compliment, if not a necessity, to your training regime.

We’ve had fantastic feedback and our customers are very satisfied with the results.

  • Championship winning techniques
  • Highly ranked professional athletes and other celebrities choose this massage
  • Increases flexibility and can be used as a strategy massage
  • Improves overall musculoskeletal function
  • A great choice if you are physically very active
  • Super good price