Massage Therapy Tips

Massage Therapy tips !

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Here you can find massage therapy tips that I promise you will make the difference for you, AND your customers! Easy to understand, quick tips that will have a lasting and positive impact on your professionalism and skills! 

Tip 1 - Handling the massage receiver with care and respect plus bonus tip!

Handling the massage receiver with care and respect builds an environment of trust. The receiver of the massage should feel safe and trust the massage therapist and we, as therapists, can express trust and support through the way in which we handle our massage receivers.  A top professional should always support any joints -or make sure they are placed in comfortable way while ensuring support- involved when repositioning the receiver’s body. At the start of the clip below, you can see how the elbow joint is supported while I move the limb. As a bonus tip: Do you ever find the arm sliding off the back while performing this stretch? Or you may have mastered the stretch while holding the arm in place. Well, here’s another way to do it while ensuring safety and effectiveness.