Simone Tunney

Formal Bio

Best known for the development in massage techniques and supporting students reach their full potential in their Massage therapy career, Simone is proud to be recognised worldwide by Massage Associations, Massage schools, Spas and universities throughout Europe.

Successful courses at the following places:

PSU University ( Flow in Massage, Hand Massage techniques, and more)

The World Massage Federation ( Massage using the Elbows)

Manchester School Of Massage ( Deep tissue)

Su Wanyo Spa- ( Oil Massage)

In 2019 Simone founded Global Massage Academy. Global Massage Academy is an online learning platform which focuses on delivering CPD and other professional development Courses. It is now in the process of developing fantastic courses that students will highly benefit from.

In 2018 she became the Silver Medalist, in the Swedish massage category at the World Championships in Massage, by performing a Sports Massage. The win was dedicated to her devotion to practicing massage, and accomplished just 2 short months after graduating as a Sports Massage Therapist.  

In 2017 Simone started Olympians Lounge- A health and wellness service and covers the North West of England, to people from Sports celebrities to small community groups. The mission is to provide high end service experiences, and better the quality of life for many people.

Simone shares her methods and techniques with her students and also gives comprehensive manuals ( hand books), designed to accommodate all types of learners, and with a central focus to transfer the techniques and knowledge successfully.

Simone’s relevant qualifications :

Education and Learning level 3 ( advanced apprenticeship)

Mentoring level 3 

Sports Massage Level 3

Diploma in Swedish Massage 

1900 (+) HRS CPD including an array of different  Massage modalities.

Simone will serve as a judge for the second time at the World Championship in massage by the International Massage Association 2021.

The following countries have seen Simone serve as a judge : Denmark, Greece, Romania and the Ukraine. She has contributed in designing and producing the point system in the Hellenic Championship 2019, to help take into account all attributes of the Massage therapists.

The Grand Massage and Wellness congress in the Ukraine is one that is very important for Simone because she will share her reflection on success for massage therapy professionals. The speech is planned to deliver the 5 Step formula to a profession and business to be proud of. It aims to give small, medium, and large Massage therapy businesses the tools to be confident and professional, while protecting the emotional health of staff, and independent massage therapists with a training programme.  

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