Everything you need to know to prepare for your Massage

When you visit me for your massage


On arrival, you’ll enter a relaxing zone and be welcomed and seated for a consultation to ensure your safety and establish the results you’re looking for.

A range of natural, aromatic, and clear oils will then be presented for you to choose from, as well as lotions and creams for your preference. 

I pride myself in what I do and am prepared to maximize the value you’ll receive.

once we enter the therapy room you’ll be advised on which jewellery and clothes to take off. Be sure that your privacy, as well as my own, is something I take seriously. The area massaged is the only area uncovered and you’ll be handled with respect.

You may wish to go to the restroom. Be sure to let me know if you however need to during your massage. I want you to enjoy your massage to the fullest! 

You’ll then be left with enough time to prepare and get a feeling of the atmosphere before I ensure you’re ready for me to enter the room.

Then, you’ll receive a top-notch massage that you’re body will love for days and days.



During the massage


It is perfectly natural for you to become a little talkative or a little giggly, a little sleepy, or even overwhelmed with emotions! These are natural phenomena during an effective massage and I’ll make sure you’re comfortable.  I assure you that I’m well-trained and educated to be a professional for you.

After your massage you’ll be ready to rehydrate with a glass of water, and when you are ready be on your way with a spring in your step and a relax-full aura surrounding you.

If you’d like to book your next appointment before you go I advise you do! A scheduled and consistent time for yourself is always better!

I look forward to giving you a great massage experience

Simone Tunney


Book online and expect to experience what a real skilful Massage feels like