Refined Deep Tissue Massage

This is the Deep Tissue Massage you need. Take a day off and lets get rid of those knots for good! 

Refined Deep Tissue Massage

This Massage involves

Benefits of this Massage

Working with knots to reduce, and even vanish them requires skill and knowledge of the body. This Massage will feel very comfortable for you.

It contains benefits of a Sports Massage being a deep tissue, only its essence is of a more relaxing nature.

It is generally a slow Massage, however, imagine a repetition, or variation of techniques, of 45-50 per minute. The sensual like massage flows are not part of this massage, however respectable. The only times we go slower than 45-50 reps a minute is when it is required on a hard knotty area. 

The body instantly reacts with histamine when in need of tension release

Tension seems to build over time creating rock hard areas in the body. There are a few ways to loosen these, and in this massage we use two of them. We can apply pressure to the core and release it from within, or work our way through the outer layers of the body, in through to the deeper layers.

The redness isn't from pressure. This is quite a detailed Massage. Fantastic results.

Another way that works is to use active release techniques, which I usually use very carefully around the neck area in this Massage- great techniques.

The general sense of this massage remains relaxing, and is focused on the deeper layers of tissues. Choose this Massage if you need a deep Massage, but not quite a Sports Massage.