Energising Post Natal Massage

Feeling a little low on energy after giving birth? Want to enjoy relaxing again ? Re-energize with the Post Natal Massage. It’s for you!

Post Natal Massage

Feeling a little low on energy after giving birth? Re-energize with this Post Natal Massage. It’s for you!

This Massage involves

Benefits of this Massage

Babies are welcome in the space. Try to have this Massage privately though! A great way to incorperate 'me time' in your busy mummy life!

Many new mums come to me to re-energize so I designed this with you in mind. The new mum who is feeling low on energy. This Massage stimulates the nervous system to wake the body up and get back into feeling great and energised.

A blend of invigorating Massage techniques with the hand, a good foot and back massage and a scalp Massage using olive oil which is fantastic for stengthening  and nourishing the hair. This scalp Massage has therapeutic benefits.

This Massage effectively relaxes tight muscles and/or activates loose muscles. Special attention is given to achy areas like the lower back and around the shoulders.

Included is the abdominal Massage, especially designed to release tension from the ribs and tighten the stomach. After the massage with the hand, we use ice on the stomach and thighs.

Tools are sometimes used in this, if needed, Massage to help energise the muscles.

I look forward to this Massage! 

Hey! Congratulations

Looking to purchase this Massage as a gift? Good idea! A massage is always a great gift.