Face Massage

Smoothing Face Massage Massage

One of the most recent Massages at Olympians Lounge yet hours and hours of formulation have gone into it to bring you the best of what a face massage has to offer.

Smoothing Face Massage

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This Massage involves

Benefits of this Massage

 When you receive this smoothing and nourishing face treatment, you receive signals of love and care from the outside world. Having a Face Massage creates an experience that makes us mindful of our appearance in a positive way

Our Epidermis- which is the most superficial layer of our skin can be magnificent. It is much thinner on our face and especially around the eyes.

Using techniques that include lymphatic drainage, reflexology and more makes this Face Massage an excellent treatment that penetrates deep into the skin and enhances natural glow.

Looking to loosen up?

Pasithea Massage does just that!

Its harmonious and continues flow,

Lets pent up stress and tension go!

The gentleness of this massage won’t fool you,

It mentally and physically cools you!