Smoothing Face Massage Massage

One of the most recent Massages at Olympians Lounge yet hours of formulation have gone into it to bring you the best of what a face massage has to offer.

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Smoothing Face Massage

Bringing you the best of what a face Massage has to offer

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 When you receive a face massage you receive signals of love and care from the outside world. Having a Face Massage creates a positive experience in how we feel about our appearance.

This Massage treatment starts with a brief scalp Massage and energy work to prepare you. This energy work involves pressing on energy points to allow flow in our etheric body. It gives a sense of lightness and is very appropriate for starting this massage.

It continues with methodical smoothing strokes that stimulates lymph circulation. 

The facial tissues warm and the rhythms of the strokes concentrate on each part of the face ending on points where tissues connect to release tensions.

The strokes blend into Circular movements , and continue with techniques that are incredibly smoothing.  

A detailed massage using controlled pressure around the eyes, cheek bones and mouth gives an instant toning sensation!

Once toned we continue with some lymphatic drainage massage before performing slightly invigorating techniques that help regenerate and replenish nutrients to the facial muscles.

Your facial tissues are then stabilised using techniques that help with the absorption of nutrients in to the face.