About the fusion scalp massage

Enjoy this scalp massage with or without oil depending on your preference. The whole scalp, neck, and points on the face are massaged to make you feel light and fully relaxed. I use energy work so you can feel fully present, calm, and refreshed. A unique treatment that you’ll be booking quite often after you try it. 

this massage treatment involves

The benefits of this Massage Treatment


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this massage is for you if..

  • You love head Massages and would like to indulge in a professional scalp massage, then this massage is for you
  • You’d love to experience a massage but are not quite ready to have a full body massage yet
  • You’ll like to feel rebalanced, reenergized, and calm  

this massage treatment is not for you if..

Every Massage must be given with care as it has effects on our physical, physiological, and mental health. Some of the contra-indications are skin infections and feeling generally unwell. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like clarification before we proceed.

This Fusion Scalp Massage may be all you need to enter a deeply relaxing state, and refresh.

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