Hot Stones Massage

Heat help us relax and prepares our body for a pampering treatment!

Hot Stones Massage

Let the heat prepare your body for a pampering treatment which releases tension and calms anxiety!

This Massage involves

Benefits of this Massage

Using Hot Stones in Massage allows heat to penetrate the body to relax and ease muscle tension.

The stones are used to perform different types of massage techniques, mainly Swedish and/or Deep Tissue Massage.

This treatment is fantastic to use with a deep tissue massage as the heat works well with assisting in muscle relaxation.

Throughout the Massage, the hot stones which are at a recommended temperature, are also placed periodically on energy points which promote a sense of balance from the warm feel and weight.

The stones are often swapped in a special stone heater, usually filled with water, to maintain the correct temperature. So this action is included in the massage. In my experience, I know how to professionally execute a hot stone massage treatment without disrupting the calming nature of a massage therapy treatment. You’ll get the most out of your hot stone massage with me, and I have some great techniques that you’ll enjoy.

Of course, some people like them hotter than others! But I assure you , I’ll introduce the heat for you to decide the temperature that suits you. Many people choose this treatment in the winter season. I’ll look forward to our treatment!