Oil Manicures 

Enrich your regular Manicure with an oil Manicure!

This treatment is perfect for brittle nails and dry cuticles. It is recommended to have this treatment done monthly until there is noticeable change in the condition. It is also a great alternative to a regular Manicure, as it allows the oil to penetrates well into the skin, leaving the skin silky soft. This treatment takes 30-45 minutes.

The procedure of this treatment and what is included

After a professional nail assessment, your nails are filed to your required shape and buffed to ensure a smooth surface.

We then apply vitamin E to your cuticles and place your hands to soak in warm therapeutic olive oil . 

The excess oil is wiped off using a warm steamed towel.

Your hands are left feeling soft and your nails are then ready for cuticle work.

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