About Pasithea Swedish Massage

Soothed muscles and an unmistakable feeling of happiness will accompany you as a result of this massage experience. The topmost quality of this massage lies in its flow. It effectively stimulates blood flow in your whole body and releases feel-good hormones. It can relax tight muscles or activate looser muscles.  Each and every muscle and tendon receives the soothing benefits of this massage, individually and as a whole. The Pasithea Massage is an advanced Swedish style Massage that follows the principles of anatomy. Inspired by nature its gentle yet firm motion uses momentum that achieves deep relaxation and a feeling of presence.

This Massage Treatment Involves

The benefits of this Massage Treatment


Book online and expect to experience what a real Massage feels like

This Massage Treatment is for you if...

  • You’re looking for a relaxing massage with that’ Just right’ pressure
  • You’re looking to de-stress
  • You’re suffering from DOMS ( muscle soreness from exercise)
  • You’re suffering from arthritis and need someone who understands the body and has the right massage skills to give you a soothing massage
  • You’d like to use this massage as a holistic massage, and add it in your health plan and routine to improve the quality of your sleep

This Massage treatment is not for you if..

Every Massage must be given with care as it has effects on our physical, physiological, and mental health. Some of the contra-indications are skin infections, and feeling generally unwell. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like clarification before we proceed.

Looking to loosen up?

Pasithea Relaxing Massage does just that!


Its harmonious and continues flow,

Lets pent up stress and tension go!


Does let the gentleness of this Massage fool you,

It mentally and physically cools you!


Book online and expect to experience what a real Massage feels like

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