About runners Massage

This massage is specifically designed for those who love to run. Running can take a lot of energy out of the body and this massage ensures sufficient and optimal circulation in the legs, feeds muscle with nutrients, and minimizes fatigue. 


This massage treatment involves

The benefits of this massage treatment

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This Massage Treatment is for you if..

  • You’re training for a marathon or any type of running event
  • You’re suffering from runners knee
  • You’re experiencing muscle cramps in your legs from running
  • You’d like to increase flexibility in your legs
  • You’d like to improve your performance in running

this massage treatment is not for you if..

Every Massage must be given with care as it has effects on our physical, physiological, and mental health. Some of the contra-indications are skin infections and feeling generally unwell. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like clarification before we proceed.


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