In 2018, after just qualifying as a Sports Massage Therapist, I took on the challenge to participate in the World Championship in Massage. I took part in the Freestyle Massage Category and had the option to participate in an additional category and so I thought I’d challenge myself and perform a Sports Massage under the Swedish Massage Category. 

On day one of the competition, I had just finished my Freestyle Massage performance and was approached by the management of SU WANYO Spa from Germany. I was nothing less than thrilled when they proposed to teach my techniques to their team of ten therapists in their Spa in Lubeck, Germany, and also have their clientele experience my massage.



On day two, and to my surprise, the Sports Massage won the Silver. I believe it was my commitment and hours of practice to provide a massage of quality to my customers that gave me the skills that won the medal. 

Since then, I have been honoured with the role of a judge for the International Massage Association, as well as National and International Championship events all around Europe. 

Throughout my teaching journey, I have shared my Massage techniques in educational establishments around Europe and in the UK, and have been a spokesperson at wellness congresses.

  • The World Championship in Massage( IMA) 2022, Denmark (Judge)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Massage Championship 2022( Judge)
  • Freestyle Massage Course by Simone Tunney Serbia 
  • The Balkan Massage Championship 2022
  • Spokesperson at 
  • The World Championship in Massage 2021 (IMA), Denmark
  • The Romania National Massage Championship 2021 (AMTC)
  • The National Serbian Massage Championship 2021( BTM)
  • Online International Massage Championship (EEFTMA)
  • The World Championship in Massage, Denmark 2019
  • The National Romanian Massage Championship (AMTC) 2019

-The Balcan Massage Championship, Greece

-Massage World first ever live Massage appearance

what makes me feel successful the most is when i see a happy customer

I have a deep appreciation and sense of responsibility that motivates my commitment and helps me navigate and do my part in the health and wellness industry. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about my work.