Thai Yoga Massage

Good Pressure

Thai Yoga Massage

Good Pressure

This Massage involves

Benefits of this Massage

This ancient form of medicine is one of the most spread among the world. An honouring treatment to receive, and to give.

Thai yoga Massage can be performed on a floor mat, or on specially designed massage table. If you prefer the latter, please contact me instead of booking online.

Thai Massage is usually performed fully clothed, in comfortable clothing, if you’re having the traditional style without oil. It involves a compression Massage which is done ‘ Thai style’ that walks on your body with the hands while applying pressure. This is called the monkey or elephant walk.

Thai Massage reduces back pain

The whole massage is based on mobilising muscles, while working along the energy lines of your etheric body.

This Massage can also incorporate oil , referred to as Thai oil massage, to give a deep massage, although we can adjust the pressure according to your preference.

Teaching Thai in Germany. What an honour!

The lazy persons yoga is another known term for Thai Massage as it involves deep assisted yoga stretches. I’ll use my palms, thumbs, knees and elbows to give you a great Thai massage. Some techniques involve me interlocking various parts of your body to perform the compressions and stretches.

You MUST try my Thai Massage.

Looking to loosen up?

Pasithea Massage does just that!

Its harmonious and continues flow,

Lets pent up stress and tension go!

The gentleness of this massage won’t fool you,

It mentally and physically cools you!