Therapeutic Massages

The Spartan Sports Massage

Feel like you need true healing? The Spartans massage is effective and gives you that feeling.

If you are strong, as strong as a Spartan,

try this massage, your muscles it shall smarten!

  • 30 Mins £40
  • 60 Mins £60

Chiron Sports Massage

Chiron Sports massage is as strong as you and you’ll thank it after the things that you’ll be able to do !

Experience this Massage after the gym and feel confident while you have it, that you will win.

Feel fresh and ready for a whole week and be advised this one is not for the weak..

  • 30 Mins £35
  • 60 Mins £65
  • 90 Mins £85

The Pasithea Swedish Massage

looking to loosen up? The Pasithea Massage does just that!

Its harmonious and continues flow lets pent-up stress and tension go!

Don’t let the gentleness of this massage fool you, it mentally and physically cools you !

  • 30 Mins £30
  • 60 Mins £50
  • 90 Mins £85
  • 120 Mins £100

The Panacea Freestyle Massage

Looking to experience a massage like no other? Panacea massage is the treatment for you, she is Asclepius’s mother.

Experience all the secrets of a good health’s truth. After this massage you shall witness the proof.

The massage techniques are from around the massage world, combined with her’s, create a beautiful massage twirl.

While you experience deep relaxation, be prepared to enter into a unique massage meditation!

  • 75 Mins £120

Every massage we offer is created to give you maximum satisfaction