Chiron Sports Massage

This one is for the almighty! A Deep Tissue Sports Massage.

Proven to reduce chronic pains, this massage is ideal if you are an athlete and someone who completes strenuous activities on a regular basis and familiar with deep and strong massages.

It can be modified to a more relaxing(slower) but deep massage if your body is very stiff and full of knots(hard areas)that have built over time. It depends on your nature – meaning how your body react to a deep strong massage. Do you tighten up when receiving a deep and strong massage or do you feel like it is what you need to relax your deeper layered muscles. It also depends on your mood. 

The techniques include a variety of types of stretching, according to our goal which may be to simply bring all muscles to their full length , or it may be to increase flexibility.

Perfect to use a strategical massage to improve the overall functions of the body. It is a great compliment, if not necessity, to your training regime.

I’ve had honest and heartfelt positive feedback and my customers are very satisfied with the results of the Chiron Sports Massage!

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