Pasithea Swedish Massage

The Pasithea Swedish Massage

A signature Swedish Massage for you to feel great!

An exciting tingle, sothed muscles and an unmistakable feeling of happiness with accompany you for at least a week as a result of this massage experience. This Massage can last fro 30 minutes  up to 2 hours and is a full body massage which includes the neck and scalp area.

The topmost quality of this massage lies in it;s flow. It effectively stimulates blood flow, which releases ‘feel good hormones’. 

It can relax tight muscles or activate loose muscles. I would recommend the Pasithe Massage to runners who have tight legs but are often loose in the upper body, to someone who is in need of deep relaxation ,or if you are suffering from DOMS and don’t fancy going through a stronger and deeper massage that may cause more pain and discomfort.

Each and every muscle and tendon receives the soothing benefits of this massage, individually and a s a whole.

These Swedish style Massage techniques compliment the anatomy of the body and are inspired from nature which we experience in motion

Gentle yet firm, the Pasithea Massage uses momentum that achieves deep relaxation and a feeling of presence!

  • Best place to visit for a massge!
  • I had a great night's sleep!
  • Simone Makes you feel welcomed and comfortable
  • Try this Massage it's the best in the UK

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