Sports Massage

The Spartan Sports Massage

This massage uses the palms, fingers, thumbs and special wooden massage tools to apply a range of pressures through a cloth. It mobilizes joints and soft tissues to align and strengthen them. It can loosen the muscles which may be restricted by scar tissue or overuse.

The cloth is first soaked into a cooling medicated oil which is enriched with selected herbal extracts and oils, formulated after years of research and which has great, great reviews world-wide. A multi-benefit oil that is also used on the forehead and head.

The Spartan Massage involves stretches of the whole body which will have you feeling like a newborn again. A good choice if you’re looking to experience a different type of massage treatment. This massage involved little rubbing and more pressure. It uses specialised sports massage techniques in the most comfortable way.

This massage is recommended to you if you have old injuries. It improves the movement around internal scar tissue and is great if you feel like all your muscles are stuck together!

The Spartan Massage not only applies pressures to each area of the body, but is done with a method of going over pressure points to add a sense of wellness!

This distinctive treatment can be a full or half body treatment. Try it! You’ll be happy you did.

  • Both fighter and I were ready to rumble in Manchester Arena.
  • This Massage is the best.
  • I no longer have back pain!!
  • I've become incredibly flexible and pain free!

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