Wellness and Therapeutic Massages

This is how satisfied you'll feel after your Massage with Simone
Pasithea Swedish Massage.

We’re all about prevention and balance. Medium pressure Massage!

Deep Tissue Massage

Dramatically reduced knots. Deep, yet relaxing Massage!

Panacea Freestyle Massage

Panacea- a combination in freestyle that will have you feeling great, for weeks!

Smoothing Face Massage. Must try!

A face Massage can be very powerful. Before and after images coming soon! Try it!

Energising Post Natal Massage

Designed with the new mother in mind. This may be the boost you need! Time for you to feel reborn yourself!

Invigorating Anti-Cellulite Massage

Are you working on your body and looking forward to a better skin appearance? This Massage is the treat!

Unique Thai Yoga Massage

Trained by the best, this Massage is a gem you must experience!

Fusion Scalp Massage

With or without oil? This is a Massage everyone should have!

Warming Hot Stone Massage

You’ve not had a hot stone Massage like this before. Your body will feel the love.

Deep Tissue Hand Massage

Are you a musician, manual worker, or suffer from tunnel carpal syndrome or tennis elbow? This Massage focuses on the upper limb tissues.

Relieving Foot Massage

Sometimes a good foot Massage is all you need to feel refreshed and light.

Looking for a Sports Massage?

World Championship-winning Massage

Sports Massages

2 Very unique Sports Massages to choose from

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