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About the Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is focused on the deeper layers of tissues on the body – mainly deep muscles and deep fascia. If you have hard and immovable areas on your body this may be due to prolonged tension and may require a few treatments to restore the full range of movement in those areas. After a few treatments, I add articulation techniques to regain movement. If you’re not used to or comfortable with a deep massage my techniques and method will allow your body to ease and get used to a deeper massage. You will always feel comfortable and in control when receiving a deep tissue massage with me. The refined Deep Tissue Massage offers some benefits of a sports massage, only its essence is of a more relaxing nature. 

This Massage Treatment Involves

The benefits of this Massage Treatment

The body instantly reacts when in need of tension release
Fantastic results every time


Book online and expect to experience what a real  Massage feels like

This Massage Treatment is for you if...


  • You have a high concentration of tension in a specific area of your body
  • You’d like a deep but relaxing massage
  • You’d like to focus on a specific area e.g shoulder area

This Massage treatment is not for you if..

Every Massage must be given with care as it has effects on our physical, physiological, and mental health. This treatment is not performed on ladies who are pregnant. Some of the contra-indications are skin infections, and feeling generally unwell. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like clarification before the massage treatment.

deep tissue massage enables the body to move freely without restriction by  releasing the patterns of chronic tension


Book online and expect to experience what a real skilful Massage feels like


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