Sports health professional/ Massage Therapy educator

Hello, I’m Simone Tunney. Best known for my massages, I give people a 5-star massage experience. Every minute is performed with the highest standards in work ethic.


I come from the beautiful island of Cyprus where I spent the last 10 years before migrating to my second home country England working in the leisure industry as a lifeguard and in addition providing Nail technology services

My passion for relaxation and restoration started at a young age. I’d beat flowers to make oils as a child, read books about massage therapy as a teenager, and took introductory courses as a young adult. Wellness and fitness are practices I live by. A healthy body and mind make a better life and are practices that I believe are a priority. We can only do our best and give ourselves to others when we prioritize our health and wellbeing. I believe long-term success stays with those who priorities their wellbeing.

Growing up with some education in the fascinating Ancient Greek Philosophy, Olympians Lounge was born 5 years ago. Fitness and massage were important areas of development, to Ancient Greek civilizations. 

Committed to providing a service of quality, gave me the skills that won me a silver medal at the world championships in massage 2018. I performed a Deep Tissue Sports Massage, under the Swedish massage category.

 Being approached by the management  SU WANYO Spa from Germany,  the day before I won the medal, gave me the confidence that my Massages are of high quality. 

Su Wanyo is known for its long suit in Thai massage and multi awards. I travelled to Lubeck to share and teach my massage techniques with a team of ten therapists.

Massage organisations from around the world had enriched me with honour and selected me as a massage Critic ( judge) for their events and Championships, all through 2019,2020, and 2021

In 2020 I’ve been invited to serve as a  judge at the National and International Massage Competitions in Copenhagen, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece  and the Ukraine , as well as being a spokesperson at the Grand Massage and Wellness Congress in the Ukraine and The International Massage Festival in Italy. In February and March 2020 I was invited to teach at the World Massage Federation in Greece 2020. Shortly after, I delivered an array of Massage courses for PSU University in Athens. 

I’ve partnered with specialist professionals, in an array of fields, and started  Global Massage Academy. An online platform with massage and business courses to help therapists reach their full potential, and make Massage better for all. 

Seeing a happy customer is what makes me feel successful.


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Want to learn how to massage? Whether you’re a professional Massage therapist looking to up your skills and maintain a clientele or someone who would like to know how to give the perfect Massage, I have just the course for you. 

 Are you an organisation interested in hiring me for your event? I am now experienced, awarded, and qualified to fulfil your expectations whether you’re looking for a wellness speaker, a judge in your Massage competition, or a course provider for your Educational Organisation.