About Olympians Lounge Massage Therapy

A place to restore your most valuable asset- your health.

This is an experience where you meet a true sense of balance and renewal.

Olympians lounge provides effective Therapeutic Massages and Beauty Services. The Sports and Body massages are carried out by me, Simone Tunney- a world Champion in Massage, and selected massage critic, with a passion in caring for people. Sana, who has an equally caring personality, and who shares the same top-most work ethic and passion in wellness, carries out her skillful facial treatments and amazing face massage treatments which are in high demand.Your wellness is our priority.

Our work is focused on bringing an exceptional experience to you , in all areas of the service that we provide. We hope that you enjoy using the website and find everything you need. Please do contact if there is anything you would like to ask prior to your treatment.


I believe that good things happen and remain when you can receive an effective, high quality massage as a way to restore your health and regain all the energy and movement you need to carry on confidently towards your life goals.


I love to bring a new perspective in the way you care for your face and the way you use your facial expressions. Try my specialist face treatments and experience the techniques that reveal your natural glow and soft skin.

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