About Olympians Lounge Massage Therapy

A place to restore your most valuable asset- your health.

This is an experience where you meet a true sense of balance and renewal.

Olympians lounge provides effective Therapeutic and  Relaxing Massages , Exercise programmes and  Beauty Services. The Sports and Body massages are carried out by me, Simone Tunney- a world Champion in Massage, and selected massage critic, with a passion in professionalism. 

Your wellness is my priority and my work is focused on bringing an exceptional experience to you. I hope that you enjoy using this website and find everything you need. Please do contact if there is anything you would like to ask prior to your treatment.


I believe that good things happen and remain when you can receive an effective, high quality massage as a way to restore your health and regain all the energy and movement you need to carry on confidently towards your life goals.

Go ahead and see treatments!