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Unlike the usual massage treatments you’re familiar with, the Spartan Massage is a body treatment that aims to recover, revitalize, and ease restriction within your muscular system in a different way. Small towels are dipped in 100% herbal medicated oil ( 9 herb oil) and using the thumbs, palm, and sometimes elbows and knees pressure is applied to your body and your muscles are mobilized and released in all the right places. This revitalizing massage involves stretches to maintain and restore flexibility. Enjoy!


this massage treatment involves

The benefits of this Massage Treatment

this massage is not for you if...
...you'd like a firm body treatment that involves movement and stretches to release restriction and restore full range of motion and to be left feeling very refreshed. And if you'd like to experience a body treatment with benefits of a massage

Every Massage is given with care as it has effects on our physical, physiological, and mental health. However, some of the contra-indications are recent joint or muscle strains, skin infections, and feeling generally unwell. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like clarification before we proce

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